Sietze’s music


Here you can listen to my albums.

Sietze hisĀ first studio album includes 10 beautiful guitar pieces complemented by a string quartet, additional guitars, bass, piano and Cajon. The music sounds clear and transparent and brings a relaxed atmosphere. Many tracks also tell a story, like “Hand in Hand” of the relationship between passion and discipline or “My Red Bicycle” about a childhood memory.

The album was released on July 1, 2011 with a successful CD release in a sold out theater in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Special guests this evening were Wim den Herder and guitar icon Harry Sacksioni, who handed the first CD to Sietze as a sign of recognition and respect.

Sietze’s second album is called “Look at Today”, which includes some cool country/pop based originals. The album was released on October 25th in 2012 in a sold out theater in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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