Sietze his first studio album includes 10 beautiful guitar pieces complemented by a string quartet, additional guitars, bass, piano and Cajon.
The music sounds clear and transparent and brings a relaxed atmosphere. Many tracks also tell a story, like “Hand in Hand” of the relationship between passion and discipline or “My Red Bicycle” about a childhood memory.

The album was released on July 1, 2011 with a successful CD release in a sold out theater in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Special guests this evening were Wim den Herder and guitar icon Harry Sacksioni, who handed the first CD to Sietze as a sign of recognition and respect.
Album uitreiking door Harry Sacksioni

Track list

Sietze Bouma Plays guitar on all songs.
Kristian Dijkstra plays Cajon, Udu and Shakers on all songs, exept on Hand in Hand.
Luciano Hoch plays guitar on Henya.
Theo Smit plays double bass on Long Way, Henya and Coffee Bean.
Wim den Herder plays guitar on Coffee Bean.
Patrick Neumann plays piano on Daybreak and Strings ‘n Air.
Nynke Beunder, Joëlle Westra and Sander Prins play violin on Deadlines, Water, Long Way, Strings ‘n Air and My Red Bicycle. Suze Steemers plays cello on all songs.
Cees Bouma plays bandoneon on My Red Bicycle.
Mix: Bram Staats
Mastering: Harry Zwerver

Photo’s: Jorn Idzerda (covers), Mathijs Bakker (Photo violin inside), Hesseltsje de Jong (Disc Label)

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